Photography for A Safe Ceremony

Safe Ceremonies

Touch Free Photography

The graduate's photo is taken with social distancing of 8'. The graduate would already have their diploma in hand.  Principal or Board Member's picture & background are added to the graduate's photo.

Drive thru or Stage Diploma pickup

The graduate arrives with Cap and Gown already on, their name can be announced as they pickup their diploma from a table or podium.  This can be done in the school's parking log or school auditorium.

We'll photograph them against a plain or environmental background.

Virtual Panoramic
Class Panoramic

Virtual Panoramic

Individual Photos are combined to make a virtual class panoramic photo.

Names can be added to the bottom if desired. 

Graduation Graphic

PAG-Personal Achievement Graphic

We customize a graphic with each students name, photo taken at the safe ceremony, personal message & their future plans. 

This graphic is used for your celebration video, photographic prints, plaques or a digital download

This photograph is combined with 2 different images to make a traditional diploma receiving photo

Celebration & Virtual Ceremonies

Safe Ceremonies

Celebration web page

We can provide a custom page for your school where we will host a Virtual Ceremony video (this can be available online for up to 5 years). This could also be hosted on the school or district website.

This is created using PAG's with options for personal statements from students, i.e. what they are doing after graduation and/or personal message to friends and family.

We can also accept up to 3 videos from the school. These can be pre-recorded speeches from the Valedictorian, Principal or District Superintendent.

  • Click here to view samples of the celebration page with a virtual ceremony video that includes name announcements or music.

Informational gathering web page

Used in conjunction with the Celebration web page. 

Your students can enter information about what they will be doing after graduation. They can also provide greetings and/or a personal message to their friends and family.

There is an optional Admin Portal where staff can review the information that was collected.

Video Clips

Name Announcement Video Clips

 This short movie file is where we combine the PAG (described above) with music, the student’s name could also be announced. 

Great for social media! We can return this movie file directly to the student via a personal link!  

Additional products for your school

Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Custom Senior Yard Sign with First & Last Name

We can customize a 18"x24" Yard Sign w/ each Senior's First & Last Name.

Teacher's or Staff can deliver to each Senior's home.


Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Senior Class Banner with Senior Names

We can create a banner to hang at your school with each Senior's name.